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Jørn Nielsen and Martin Andersen have joined forces and

merged their core competencies in the cooperation of Visual Stamp.


Jørn Nielsen

Jørn has 20 years’ experience as an Art director for several of Copenhagen’s largest advertising agencies. He possesses communicative drawing skills and was Creative Director at The Walt Disney Company. He brings niche expertise in Graphic Recording and Visual Facilitation. Jørn has a significant ability to listen to a keynote speaker at strategy conferences and transform the essence of the spoken words into a visual landscape that clarifies the message. He brings to the new company, not only expertise, but an extensive network of international and domestic clients.



Martin Andersen

Martin has 20 years’ experience with guiding sales forces to create stronger sales results. He has found the recipe on how to obtain proactive sales behaviour. Martin is an expert in identifying needs and designing structured training programs tailormade for his clients. It is imperative for Martin to ensure that the improved skills from traning and workshops are implemented.  Martin is a highly regarded trainer and coach with strong communication skills. He has the inherent ability to build and retain long lasting relationships with local and international customers.

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